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Lighthouse Lincoln is an accredited afterschool program in Lincoln, Nebraska, dedicated to fostering adolescents' holistic well-being. The program achieves this by providing academic support, nutritious evening meals, and enriching activities for middle and high-school-aged youth. Lighthouse sought to enhance its promotional materials to amplify its reach and increase awareness about its services.

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Designing promotional materials that appeal to both middle and high school students can be challenging, given the difference in their ages and interests. Lighthouse recognized the importance of reaching out to both groups and tasked me with creating a design that sparked curiosity while communicating the required information. These materials would be distributed within schools and throughout the program's facility.

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I began my design process by researching the organization's history, mission, and values. My goal was to fully understand what Lighthouse represented and what aspects of its programming and services would resonate with its target audience.

With the audience's age range in mind, I crafted an illustration style and color palette that would appeal to both middle and high school students. I drew inspiration from Lighthouse's previous use of geometric illustrations on their website and used this as a foundation that I could build upon. I selected symbols that aligned with Lighthouse's values and programs and pieced them together to create an engaging visual narrative.

As I progressed through the design phase, I received valuable feedback that helped me to further develop and expand upon the illustrations. I added more sections to the collage and ensured all elements were seamlessly integrated to create a cohesive design. In addition, I refined the color palette, achieving a balanced and positive energy that radiates from the promotional materials.

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Ultimately, I created a dynamic and effective promotional campaign for Lighthouse Lincoln that conveys the organization's values, mission, and goals by utilizing vibrant colors and playful illustrations; I developed a design that truly helps them stand out from the crowd.

This design was not limited to a single medium and was deployed across various promotional materials, including multiple print pieces, social media posts, an email, a t-shirt, and even an outdoor mural. Through this comprehensive and diverse approach, I was able to reach and engage a broad audience, effectively communicating Lighthouse's message clearly and efficiently. Overall, my design work for Lighthouse succeeded in capturing the essence of the organization and conveying it in an eye-catching and impactful way.

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