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Moose's Tooth is an outdoor gear and apparel shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, committed to helping people become passionate about exploring the world around them by equipping every type of explorer with all they need for their next adventure. A new identity system was required to better visually communicate their brand.

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The Challenge

Despite the store's evolution, Moose's Tooth's identity has remained unchanged for 40 years. My mission was to develop a brand identity system that would be consistent across a variety of mediums and platforms. In addition to revamping the logo, I incorporated various brand elements, determining color, texture, type, and illustration to capture the store's laid-back and unpretentious vibe. As part of this rebranding effort, I was tasked with creating promotional materials for a fundraiser Moose's Tooth is hosting to support outdoor nonprofits across the United States.

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The Process

To start the design process, I researched the brand in person and online, examining its competition and target audience. When choosing the typeface, I knew I wanted to stick to a typeface with versatility and personality. I created a flexible identity with multiple versions for different uses. The iconic moose had to stay, so I decided to take a more modern and minimalistic approach creating an icon that could be used both with the wordmark and on its own. Additionally, I created illustrations featuring outdoor plants and animals to enhance their branding and further convey their chill vibe. To bring the nonprofits together visually and connect them to the overall brand, I opted for hand lettering, which was showcased in the promotional poster.

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The Solution

The ultimate solution was a brand that captures the essence of Moose's Tooth's relaxed and unassuming ambiance by utilizing specific color, texture, type, and illustration. It celebrates the raw character of the store and distinguishes itself from its competitors. With a versatile system that can be used in both digital and print media, Moose's Tooth now has a cohesive brand identity that permeates throughout its entire brand.

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