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Slowdown is a music venue in Omaha, Nebraska that opened its doors in 2007. The venue features artists from various genres, including; rock, folk, hip-hop, and more. They needed a new website with an improved user experience that better encompassed all the venue had to offer.

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The Challenge

Throughout the years, Slowdown has undergone several iterations of its website design. However, they found that these designs failed to generate enough interest and engagement among visitors. The website needed more appeal to encourage users to stick around and explore further. As a result, Slowdown identified the need for a website that reflected its unique personality and aligned with its social media presence, creating a cohesive media image that accurately represented the venue. With these goals in mind, they sought a new website design to improve the user experience and showcase everything Slowdown offers.

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The Process

To create a website that truly reflected Slowdown's unique vibe, I delved into their history, identified essential components to highlight, and researched their competition and audience. I opted for a modern and minimalistic layout to create a website that was easy to navigate and incorporated pops of color to give the site edginess and capture visitors' attention.

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The Solution

By aligning the website, social media, and identity, I created a cohesive brand image for Slowdown that represents the venue's personality. The design was carefully crafted to prioritize the user experience, with an easy-to-navigate layout and thoughtful use of color and typography. The new design highlights the essential aspects of Slowdown's offerings, creating a visually engaging and informative experience for all visitors.

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