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Spice Bar, is a Cincinnati-based subscription service, dedicated to bringing their customers the best ethically sourced spice combinations. Their mission is to elevate everyday meals into extraordinary experiences by infusing them with depth and flavor. As part of their growth strategy, they sought to increase their subscriber base and expand their social media presence.

spice logo

The Challenge

One of the most significant hurdles I faced in this project was devising a brand identity and package design that could make a mark in an already saturated digital marketplace. The client's objective was to create an alluring, hearty, and welcoming design demonstrating their dedication to eco-friendliness and top-notch ingredients.

spice pouch spice sachet

The Process

To start the creative process, I dove into gathering inspiration to capture the distinct tone the client wanted to convey. I then crafted detailed personas to better understand and connect with the intended audience. Initially, I had planned on employing photography in the email and print pieces. However, I observed that it disrupted the essence I was striving for. Although my original plan didn't come to fruition, I drew inspiration from the photos I had taken and decided to base my illustrations on those images.

spice instagram

The Solution

I devised a polished and approachable system, distinguishing Spice Bar from its competitors. This aesthetic was seamlessly incorporated throughout the project, spanning elements such as email templates, recipe cards, Instagram posts, and multiple package designs.

spice email recipe